The Warm Hands Network partners with knitters, crochetters, corporate sponsors and Northern communities to provide warm hand-knit and crochetted clothing to children in remote locations. Families in the Canadian North often struggle to balance the costs of warm clothing against other essentials, such as food and shelter.  Our goal is to provide children with hand-knit clothing, which warms them through long winters, while also conveying the message that others wish them well.      

We supply children in these communities with hats, mittens, neck warmers (no scarves please), socks, sweaters, vests and blankets.  Our preference is for wool items and large sizes.  See the Guidelines page for detailed information. 

Half of our contributors are located outside of Canada and we always welcome more partners to our community.  A downloadable brochure about our program is available at this link.  (The brochure is in English and is formatted as a PDF.)

We were featured on CBC.  
To view the November 11th, 2014 CBC television coverage of our project, please click here.  (The Warm Hands story begins approximately 10 minutes into the broadcast.)  To listen to our audio interview with CBC radio, aired November 13th, 2014, please click here.  To listen to a longer audio interview with CBC, please click here

Our next shipping deadline is January 15th, 2019.
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